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I lost my keys. Can I order replacement copies without the key number?



  • Natasha Caetano

    I bought 1 replacement key earlier today and Kryptonite took money from my account 3 x's, I've submitted a request and filled an online form with a snap shot of the transaction and I haven't had a response but I'm down on money can anyone advise?

  • julio a estrada

    dude its negative I lost my keys and have not gotten any return responses or calls via email or phone

    I called today and maybe u should to spoke to a lady name Donna 1800 729-5625 she seem as bright as the web page!!

  • julio a estrada

    It all worked out great thank you Krytonite Glad I registered got dupes all good!!

  • Gideon Bershadsky

    Can't find key number, how do I order a replacement?


  • Lokie Kemp

    I lost my bike key and I can't find it anywhere can I order a new one because I lost both of the keys that came with the bike lock

  • David Black

    lost my bike key and I can't find it anywhere can I order a new one because I lost both of the keys that came with the bike lock?? Please check your records verify my name having owned this kryptonite Lock attached to my bike. I need a new key so I can unlock my cable key locking lock. When I registered I lived in Inkster Michigan. Now I live in Westland Michigan and I want to change all my profile information so I can have a new key sent to my new address.

  • Major Tom Tc

    Hi, I've had a ticket open for over two months now concerning a similar issue and would really appreciate a response some time before the New Year?

  • Vijay Parry Gupta

    Hi, I also have had a ticket open for a replacement key for over two months with no response. Can someone contact me soon?? 

  • Tim George

    Same as the above posts

    Here are my open requests, whats going on?


  • Julien

    Same as above posts

  • Aron Watanabe

    Kryptonite customer service is the WORST! I have created multiple tickets with ZERO response! I've tweeted them and nothing! 


    Kryptonite - respond to your customers as they are the ones keeping you in business!

    Future customers - DO NOT BUT KRYPTONITE products! 



  • fouquey

    For my part I asked new keys 2 months ago.... 0 answer.

    It's not serious.

  • Rfieldvfx

    I have been waiting a month too. My request is urgent.

  • Mr Matthew D Shaw

    I have also had my tickets open for several months. Shockingly bad service. Wont be buying Kryptonite in the future. 

  • Ahmed Khan

    I've recently bought  a very expensive New York Fahgettaboudit from Amazon and had a problem and needed to contact their support. 3 weeks later and still no response, so it's going straight back to Amazon under their 30 day returns.

    A very good product rendered useless by shockingly poor service. I'll be looking for another solution now.

  • Marionjambon1

    I ordered keys almost two months ago and got no answer, nothing. Never had this experience with any other company.

  • Ron

    Three months and still waiting for my replacement keys.

  • Flyfresno

    Ordered in August, no reply or action yet...

  • Nicolaslunafp

    I was sad because I have been waiting for an answer for a month. After reading the previous comments I am much worse


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