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  • wesley torres

    I have a kryptonite lock that is not listed here and I'd like to reset the combination.  I don't know the model number.  I purchased it new in the late 1990s.  It is a retractable, thin-cabled lock like the R4.  It has a button that opens the lock and a switch to retract the cable.  The combination is 3 numeric digits.  The casing is black plastic.  One on side, "KRYPTONITE" is written in white.  On the other side, there is a silver sticker that reads "KRYPTONITE" in black and above that, embossed into the casing is "PAT PEND."  

    There are no other buttons on it and I can't figure out how to reset the combination.  Can you provide instructions, please?  Thanks.


  • Anne

    I have the same lock and need to reset the combination from the default 000 factory setting

  • Srfade
    I'm sure Wesley and Anne have already solved this but here are the steps for the pictured lock if you know the current three number combination: Set the wheels to the current combination Retract the cable by pushing the retract button. Push down on the retracted end of the cable into the hole it extends out of and it will free up the wheels to set a new combination. Pull the silver end of the cable back out of the hole and the new combination will be set. While this lock has worked well for me for many years, that is its weakness. Fairly easy to accidentally compress the cable end into the "reset" position and then accidentally turn one of the wheels before pulling the cable out. My advice is to leave the cable in the locked position until needed.
  • wesley torres

    Thank you SrFade!  I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like it would work :)

    I actually figured out my combination using brute force:  I started with 000, 001, .... fortunately my combination is 2XX so it didn't take that long haha

  • leb

    can we get an answer from kryptonite support please ?   - I do not recall my combo and the srfade method doesnt work on the lock - mine is the sam as wesley torres has in his picture - I used to lock my helmet onto my motorcycle with mine and i wish to do so again. the lock is sitting useless until i can reset it.

    please help.

  • wesley torres
    leb - srfade's method works if the lock is open. I verified this. if the lock is closed, you'll need to guess your combination. put on a movie and start with 000. with only three numbers, it actually doesn't take that long.
  • Kryptonite Support

    With any combination lock, you would need the combination in order to open the lock and reset it.  Unfortunately, there is no "quick fix".

  • blurider

    I got a KryptoFlex 1565 and, right out of the packaging, attempted resetting the password numbers. What they don't tell you in the instructions (and illustrate in the accompanying Figure 3) is that the red reset buttons that you push down and turn MUST TURN ALL THE WAY counterclockwise until they reach the stops in the slots. The instructions say "turn counterclockwise until it comes to a stop"...not until it comes to the end of the slot.  This can be very misleading, as with my reset buttons they didn't want to rotate all the way to the end of the slot. I tried using significant pressure and turning them after pressing down and there was no way to get them to rotate that full distance. As a result, I ended up resetting about half of the four numbers in my new sequence instead of the complete four. I got the lock post stuck halfway in (or out) of the locking post and I spent a long time finding the correct combination to successfully extract the post out of the lock again. After I did, I attempted to reset my own numbers once more and this time I got the red reset buttons to completely turn to the end of the slot. After that, it worked (and works now) like a dream. Maybe this all happened because the lock is brand new but it would have helped immensely if they had included my second sentence with the combination reset instructions. Happy riding and locking. :)

  • wayne de jong

    I also have one like the model that Wesley describes in the Aug 13 post.  I must have originally set a combination and then it has been in a drawer unlocked for some time.  Unfortunately, the digits have been turned while in the open position and I don't recall the 3 digits to use to lock the cable. Pressing on the post inside to reset seems useful only if you can dial the three correct digits first.  Is there any way to reset or do I need to try the 1,000 possible combinations to find the one that opens before I can reset?

  • leb

    wayne apparently they don't have a method to help us with the lock  - I have tossed mine in the garbage and will begin looking for a new one soon i must keep my helmet from getting stolen....

  • Kryptonite Support

    Kryptonite does offer a Rekey Service for customers in the USA and Canada.  The cost is $10.00 USD for a cable lock.  Lock and payment can be sent to: Kryptonite, 437 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021, Attn: Rekey Dept.

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